easy like Sunday morning

as an avid blog reader myself, I often find myself saying, “I could write a book on [insert subject here].” well, it’s time to turn words into actions. I have not-so-secretly been stalking some of my favorite blogs for a very long time, and I felt compelled to chronicle our lives. also, because I’m pretty sure Ben is tired of me laughing out loud and then shoving the iPad in his face so he can read a post about a toddler throwing their shoe out of a moving car.

visit this page for a little about us.

when I was interviewing for jobs in WI, it never failed that someone would ask me why I was relocating, and it was a question I struggled with. if I could have cued Beyoncé’s song “Crazy In Love,” that probably would have been an adequate answer, but I couldn’t. so I stammered and stuttered my way through some bs answer until one day when I was talking to bff Linds, and she told me that I should tell them why WI is my life now.  so, that’s what’s I did.

and it worked. I’m now employed as an editorial assistant, Ben is the head swim coach at the Y, and Lucy is living the dream at home.

so, this is our life, on my blog, and I love everything.

you will find…

…recipe attempts (with good stories). I am not a domestic goddess, maybe a dramatic goddess, but definitely not a domestic goddess. here’s a preview: manicotti noodles flying off an oiled cookie sheet onto the floor, which I promptly picked up and decided to stuff with the weird cheese mixture anyway, because I told myself that Ben had just swiffered the kitchen floor the weekend before. I promise we aren’t that disgusting.

…the capsule wardrobe I want to have. after going through Ben’s closet with him a few times, and eliminating nine million shirts, I think it’s time to get serious with my closet. it’s a resolution for 2015.

…how to make friends after college. is this a thing? how does this happen? I was thisclose to signing Ben and I up for this online friendship site, but decided against it because it felt like the equivalent of those weirdly specific online dating sites, like finding your salad soul mate.

…stories about domestic bliss. like how Ben, without fail, always puts a wine charm on his glass so I won’t drink his wine because he doesn’t want my germs. or how the three of us share a queen-sized bed and just this weekend I suffered two minor concussions from hitting heads with Ben and my head colliding with his shoulder, all because Lucy gets to sleep diagonally. all jokes aside, it has been a lovely three months living together and I don’t think either of us expected for it to be so blissful.

now I have to go knock on every piece of wood in the house.



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