whatchu know bout me

being SUPER original here.

or self-indulgent.
or narcissistic.
or unimaginative.

or maybe all of the above.

but I love reading about other people, so I assume people love to read about me, too. also, these type of posts are always the funniest to go back and read years later.

24 things about me, because I’m 24.

1. my favorite color is (still) gray. but lately I have gravitated towards greige. you’re welcome, world.
2. I am always freezing until I crawl into bed, but once I am in bed my body temperature increases 20 degrees. which means I am a really fun person to sleep with.
3. on that note, I hate socks. I don’t care how warm they are. also, please never wear them in bed with me. I cringe.
4. I have high expectations, usually I try to keep them in check, but it’s probably a lost cause.
5. I am either utterly obsessed or uninterested in things.
6. but one of my favorite sayings is, “I don’t hate it.”
7. I start sentences with conjunctions all. the. time. no apologies.
8. I like to lock doors the second I walk in them. I have also gone through every scenario possible of a murderer breaking into our house and murdering. maybe I am imaginative. or crazy.
9. I want so many puppies.
10. and babies. I vowed to myself a long time ago that I will have cultured children and an awesome family.
11. I am a planner, but not always a doer. it is a beautifully efficient combo.
12. I think with my heart. sometimes my head, but mostly my heart.
13. my fingernails and toenails must always be polished. always.
14. I am emotional. commercials make my cry. seeing a grandpa at the grocery store makes me cry. cute stories make me cry.
15.  I complain a lot. in my head, if Ben’s not home.
16. waking up early is not my favorite. the understatement of my life.
17. my hair texture is the worst. sometimes wavy. sometimes thick. sometimes thin. always coarse. never voluminous.
18. one time (like two days ago) Ben called me the most wasteful person he knows…so…
19. leftovers are hard for me. unless it is pizza or soup.
20. the ends of bread might as well not even exist.
21. I hate having to use up entire bottles of shampoo and conditioner.
22. there will never be enough pillows on our bed.
23. I want to buy and renovate a house sososo badly. I would even pass up being Mindy Kaling’s best friend. that’s how bad.
24. having this blog is like peering into the medicine cabinet of my soul. welcome to the days of our lives.

happy hump day!


One thought on “whatchu know bout me

  1. I found your blog randomly. You and I have the same name, and most of the same personality traits. Your posts are amusing and i’m sure we’re related somehow. Random, yes. True story. Take care!


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