let’s talk…or not.

let’s talk about how I cannot stay out of the holiday corner at Target. I cannot wait to decorate our home for Christmas, but it won’t happen until Thanksgiving weekend because each holiday deserves its time (side-eye Thanksgiving). anyway, we don’t have a ton of space in our living room, so our tree, and maybe some garland (and stockings) down our stairwell, is about all that we’ll do. oh, and maybe I (we) can get adventurous and put some lights up in the bushes out front because our neighbors did and I’m a little competitive. or something. you can expect pictures.

let’s talk about how I need everyone to catch up to my grandma-like ways and go to bed at 10 pm. Jennie came to visit this past weekend, and even though we had plans to get a fishbowl Saturday night, I crawled into bed at 9:30 and had zero regrets. I’m probably an eighty-something at heart. peace out, twenty-somethings. catch you all in 20 years.

let’s talk about how Ben is meeting two of my very favorite people for the first time this weekend (!!!), and I haven’t been this excited since the new season of The Mindy Project aired.

let’s not talk about how (in order for the above to happen) I will be spending too many hours outside Saturday afternoon shivering at a football game. seeing that the weather gods did not hear my pleas about holding off on snow until after Thanksgiving, I have low expectations about having a pleasant weather experience this weekend.

let’s not talk about how I haven’t hung clothes up in two weeks and I keep pulling outfits from the floor of my closet. let’s also not talk about how the only thing I want to do is create a capsule wardrobe, but the mere thought of it skyrockets my anxiety. so much so that Ben suggested waiting until next year to attempt it because it was physically stressing me out.

let’s talk…and not talk about how I am currently making a roasted red pepper tomato gouda bisque for dinner tonight because it tastes like grilled cheese and tomato soup in one amazing bowl, but that I epically failed in checking to make sure the lid to the blender was on tight. as a result of my rookie move, I just spent too long wiping up tomatoes from every surface in the kitchen, and I am anxiously waiting for Ben to get home so he can baby my burns.


just kidding. sort of.

at least I have a new episode of The Mindy Project to watch tonight. and whiskey.


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