little moments

for some festive reason, I have decided to fully embrace Christmas this year. Ben is thrilled, truly.

it’s not like I haven’t always loved Christmas, because if there is one thing Kathy (my mom) does right, it’s Christmas. which means that when I was growing up it was my favorite time of the year. there’s just something special about the way the house smells and the lights glow. growing up, it was a tradition that the tree went up the day after, or a couple days after, Thanksgiving.

sooo… I obviously needed to carry on that tradition, and thank god the childhood thrill of putting up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving has not faded. I still get giddy even anticipating the tree, but seeing it actually come together with all the decor, and listening to Christmas songs while we add the ornaments is seriously a favorite time of the whole year.

oh, christmas tree
oh, christmas tree

sometimes, when I’m sitting at work, all I can think about is how excited I am to go home and cuddle on the couch with the Christmas lights turned on. and sometimes, when we’re watching something on tv, I find myself mesmerized by the lights, and then I smile to myself thinking about how wonderful it is to share such a happy time with such a wonderful person.

anyway, I am already getting much too sappy. so let’s talk about more traditions.

this year, I decided that Ben, Lucy, and I would start a new ornament tradition. mostly because I HAD TO HAVE these new, glass initial ornaments from Target, so it obviously only made sense to make up a tradition that justifies buying new ornaments every year.
bling bling
also, I have never been prouder than when Ben picked out the Mad Men Christmas CD the morning I made him take me to Target to get Christmas lights that were on sale for the front of our house. we listened to it on the way up to the cabin to meet Ben’s family to cut down their Christmas tree, and we highly recommend it.


after we picked out the perfect tree!
after we picked out the perfect tree!
after indulging so much Thanksgiving week, I decided that this week we would eat ice cream at all of the local La Crosse ice cream shops. just jokes. it is actually for a freelance assignment I’m working on, but I’m also thinking about making it a Christmas tradition, because why not. last night we went to this cool place downtown called The Pearl, and I enjoyed a peppermint stick hot fudge sundae. Ben sorta enjoyed his cookie dough malt, but he would have enjoyed it more if it had been a shake, because as it turns out, he’s not actually a fan of that “malt stuff” and always seems to forget that when he orders. =)


and just in case any of you need new traditions, or ideas about how to spend your December, here are other “Christmas” activities I’m planning for us to enjoy…


Nachos Navidad from Taco John’s (!!!).


baking Christmas cookies.


getting hot cocoa and then driving around looking at Christmas lights.
if you want our address to drive by our lights, let me know!
if you want our address to drive by our lights, let me know!
watching Christmas movies (or Wild games) and snuggling under the electric blanket.


but, most importantly, no matter what we are doing, or how we are spending our time together,  I’m just excited to create memories with Ben.


brb gotta go grab a tissue.

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