deck your (boyfriend’s) desk

there is one thing I will give Ben credit where credit is due.

and that is the fact that he is open to the element of cheese. not cheese on pizza or when I was obsessed with trying the Gouda cheese sandwich from Wendy’s, but cheese such as the spirit of ringing in the holiday season with festive, fun activities such as driving through the Christmas lights by the river.

he even feigned amusement when I talked about (for days) how we were decorating our cube at work. he may have said something about how he was happy that I found coworkers that were just as excited about decorating as I am, since he seems to lack joy in that particular area, but I’ll take it.
so, when I heard about a contest a local radio station was putting on where you nominate a coworker or friend, and then they show up at that person’s place of employment to decorate their desk for the holidays…I had to nominate Ben.

and, you guys, HE WAS PICKED.

here’s how everything transpired:

I sent this email on a Wednesday afternoon:
“Hi! My name is Becca and I am nominating my boyfriend, Ben Gill, for Deck Your Desk. I love decorating for Christmas, and I decorated my desk at work, but Ben is definitely lacking a little Christmas cheer around his desk at the YMCA. I think your enthusiasm and spirit is exactly what he needs to get into the Christmas spirit! Ben is the head swim coach at the Y, and he is constantly giving his time to his swimmers, both in the pool and at his desk, and I would really like to show him how much everyone appreciates everything he does by seeing him get surprised in such a festive way!
Thank you for the opportunity to nominate someone who means so much to me during one of my favorite times of the year!”

(looking back, I’m a little surprised I only used four exclamation points, but I more than made up for that later…)

now, fast forward to Friday morning. I am off from work, so Ben and I enjoyed a very leisurely morning, and I did not check my email until almost noon when Ben had to go into work for a meeting.

(I’m really good at telling stories.)

so imagine my surprise when I check my email and I see THIS:
We would love to surprise Ben for “Deck your Desk!” We have Thursday or Friday open, next week. Are you guys at the La Crosse, or Onalaska, YMCA? It has to be after 10am. What would work best?”


I immediately call Jennie because she was one of the people I had told about the contest… so I call her, and I’m freaking out. like, legitimately freaking out. you would have thought I won a million dollars. and then so many things are running through my head. will he be there Thursday? when did he say he spends time in his office? where is the swim meet next weekend? what if they already picked someone else because I didn’t look at my phone for three hours!!!

but I quickly had to compose myself because after freaking out for three minutes, Ben’s car pulls into the driveway. so I abruptly get off the phone with Jennie, and then I tried my best to go back to my lazy morning self that is not the least bit excited about events that are happening almost a week away.

ANYWAY, after figuring out the email address for Ben’s boss, I exchanged a few messages with her, explaining what was going on so that I could ensure Ben would be at his desk around noon on Thursday…

so, Thursday happens. I get a text from Ben around 11:40 that says something about our dishwasher, and I think to myself, “uh hope he’s sending that from work…” and I leave my place of employment around 11:45 to get to the Y so I can be there when the radio station people show up. soo imagine my surprise when I drive around the Y parking lot and do not see Ben’s car! I went inside and a few minutes later the radio station people showed up, and weird, Ben Gill is not where he’s supposed to be!

thankfully, Ben showed up just mere minutes after everyone’s arrival, and because he was in a hurry to get to his desk for a fake conference call, he did not notice the small mob of people (myself included) standing in the middle of the Y.

this should link to the video the station, Z93 Morning Buzz put up on their facebook page, and it sums up all of the “deck your desk” events nicely:

soo how hard was it keeping this secret from Ben for almost a week? the hardest. I couldn’t even look at him without wanting to spill everything and tell him how excited I was for what was going to happen.

but I am proud of myself for keeping it a secret, and for not ruining the surprise, because it made me so happy to surprise him! also, just because I think it’s hilarious, after the radio station people left, he told me that he had forgotten about the meeting on his calendar, and was in the middle of cleaning at our house, so he hadn’t even showered and just threw on clothes to get to work ASAP. it makes me laugh a lot, but him rushing was so worth it, and seeing his face so surprised was priceless.


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