may your night be filled with champagne and kisses

there were certainly trying times in 2014 (412 did not have electricity for like, two weeks), but now that this year is coming to an end, I am so appreciative and thankful for everything that happened and transpired as a result. seeing that it is NYE, and I am a huge fan (so cliché, I know), I’ve decided to share some of my favorite parts of 2014, because it was awesome.

so, since I alluded to it in the intro, let me tell you about the time some idiot at Xcel Energy did not put the full electric bill in my name when I called to set up new services when we moved into the blue house at 412. that’s pretty much the story, except that of course nothing happened for the first 11 months we lived there. and then of course during the last month, when we had a ton of social activities to attend, our electricity was turned off because we had not been paying a bill for the past year. it was awesome. just kidding, it was terrible. tons of tears.

then, at graduation dinner, we were telling Ben’s parents that my electricity had been turned off, and his dad jokingly said, “Oh, did you not pay your bill?”…yes, yes that is exactly what happened. I promise I’m a responsible person.

fast forward a few months to August when I ugly cried through the wedding of two of my favorite friends. it was a beautiful day and on more than one drunken occasion I have said that I’m not sure my wedding will top how happy I was at theirs (that’s a joke).

in between the above, Ben and I spent what felt like months looking for a place to live in La Crosse. fortunately, we found a cozy duplex and have successfully violated multiple parts of our lease by hanging stuff over doors, putting holes in the walls, and attaching things to the exterior. sorry, Karl!

after moving in with my better half, I got a job that ended up being not so great, but then I got a different job that has turned out to be awesome. it has given me a sense of direction in my professional life, so I’ll take the good with the bad. even though I still want to have 23 different careers, I feel better knowing I’m doing something I want to be doing.

there have been plenty of visits with family, friends, and lazy Sundays at home with just the three of us. and I have loved every moment. we will finallyyy be finishing the “Rescue Me” series in the next day or so, which means it took us almost an entire year to get through it, but I guess that’s sort of an accomplishment.

even though I love NYE, I have come to discover that when it is cold outside, I would rather be wearing yoga pants and one of my boyfriend’s sweatshirts while watching the ball drop, and then stumbling to bed after too much to drink instead of trying to hail a cab.

last NYE Jennie and I played board games while simultaneously (each) drinking a bottle champagne and eating stuffed crust pizza, because my NYE kiss was in Puerto Rico and we had no friends. lol. good times.

regardless, I enjoyed last year’s activities so much that Ben and I will be doing something similar tonight. games. pizza. champagne. it’s all you need to welcome a wonderful new year…

dear 2015,

2014 was incredible, and it is going to be tough to top, but I look forward to seeing what you have in store (hopefully it includes me finally beating Ben in Mario Kart)!

my 15 in 2015:

learn how to grill.
attend at least one outdoor concert.
take a trip to Vegas.
go camping/biking/canoeing/kayaking.
attempt water skiing.
take a cooking class.
refinish our coffee table.
more running.
more sleeping (lol).
more sunsets.
more wine tasting.
more Wild games.
more writing.
more loving.
more experiencing.

cheers 2014, it’s been real.



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