cross-country skiing on mount everest

it’s cold. it’s snowy. it’s definitely wintery.

generally, I am not a fan of the cold. usually, when I’m sitting at work, I’m daydreaming about getting home and turning the electric blanket on to high so it can warm up while I go take a scorching bubble bath to stop shivering. then, usually as Ben is pulling into the driveway, I turn the blanket down to low because someone thinks anything above low is excessive. side eye Ben.

anyway, as much as I dislike the cold, I actually really enjoy outdoor winter activities. which is bizarre, and probably super hypocritical, because I hate shoveling. mostly because I don’t understand how to, and I watched a couple of YouTube videos one day and they were not helpful at all. shocking, I know.

but, let’s go back to me liking outdoor winter activities. I like to think it’s very fun and kind of unexpected of me to enjoy cross-country skiing, ice-skating, or snowshoeing. I haven’t gone downhill skiing or snowboarding in forever, and I’m quite certain I would break a leg or die, so I can’t speak to those activities, but the ones that allow you to have a conversation and just take in the winter surroundings? blissful.

…unless your boyfriend takes you to Mount Everest to go cross-country skiing, after you told him the last time you had gone was around a track in middle school.

two Christmas’ ago, Ben put together a gift of activities for us to do so that we could create more memories together, and it was super sweet (not that his gift to me this year was any less sweet, he gave me a Wild hockey jersey with my favorite player’s name on the back!). so, part of his gift included going cross-country skiing, and one day last March we set out to make it happen.

it was going relatively well, like I was able to get the shoes in the skis and maneuver my way to the trails, but then we very quickly approached a hill. Ben decided he would head down first, and he made it look SO easy. and now is probably a good time to let you all know that Ben makes anything look easy, and I don’t know how I forgot that, or what made me think I was on his level. because I bravely started going down the hill (which was definitely more like a mountain), and I didn’t even make it halfway down before I face planted into the snow and my legs were doing the splits in the air and my ears were filled with snow. but, you guys, I am willing to give anything a shot (or 12), so I got back up, and kept going.

and even though I also kept falling, it was actually a lot of fun. I definitely held Ben back because who knew we were on a trail with so many mountains, and I may or may not have eventually taken off my shoes and skis and walked through snow piles in my socks trying to get back to the car, but it was such a fun experience. and it was so funny, even funnier now, since I can think about it while I’m warm and dry. I can only imagine how ridiculous I looked falling over every time I tried to go down the hills.

this morning I realized that I never cashed in on going ice-skating, since that was also part of the present!  so, I have been trying to find somewhere to do that this weekend because Ben actually has a weekend off from swimming. and because I’m sure there won’t be any folding chairs for me to push around on the ice, that means there will be some good stories (and probably some broken bones), and even more memories.

I find January to be a very exciting month because on the 24th Ben and I celebrate our second date-a-versary (he loves when I use that term), and on the 29th we will be celebrating Ben’s birthday! but, really, every month is exciting because some might cliché (see what I did there?) that there is nothing sweeter than finding someone you can be your complete self with, even when you look like a fool.

it’s the best. truly.


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