a man’s best (girl)friend

it was brought to my attention that I should start a series of blog posts about Lucy, because this face…


you might wonder what I could have to say about such an adorable, sweet face?

well, I could start with the piercing, whining bark I experience for the first 10 minutes I am home after work, as Lucy runs around like a monster waiting to be taken for her w. I could tell you about all the times she has stuck her nose in the trash can while I am standing right beside her. I could tell you about all the times that I do not sit beside Ben on the couch, or cuddle with him in bed, because she whines and groans until she weasels her way between us. or I could tell you about every painful time I have stepped on a piece of dog food that she has flung across the room (it’s right up there with stepping on a lego).

when I started spending time with Ben, I just thought Lucy was kind of needy. Ben would leave to go pick us up something for dinner, and Lucy would bark at me for the entire 15 minutes he was gone. but I was still a stranger, so I gave her a break.

24 months later, I’m still (happily) giving her a break.

Ben has had Lucy since she was a baby puppy, and there is not a single person in the world that Lucy would rather wake up to, spend her day with, and go to bed with than Ben. and, quite honestly, I don’t blame her.

I’ve referred to Lu as “our dog” for a few months now, but she will always be the love of my boyfriend’s life. his companion through good and bad, thick and thin, day and night.

last night, Ben and Lucy were sharing the couch while I sat on the floor in front of them. at one point Ben said something about how him and Lucy could share the couch with me, to which I responded, “Lucy doesn’t share.” he laughed and agreed, and then forcefully moved Lucy to the center so she could be between us. and that is what a pretty typical evening looks like for us: Lu sandwiched between us on the couch.

today, Ben’s sister, Cait, texted me a picture of Lucy and after we exchanged a few Lucy stories she said, “as long as he doesn’t love her more than you it’s ok.” and I laughed a little, because it has definitely crossed my mind before. I mean, really, there are plenty of reasons for Ben to love Lucy more than me.

here’s a working list:

Lucy never cares when Ben is running late.

why would she? I give Lu her w, and feed her dinner, so her day is pretty much made (or so I think). his tardiness is just her invitation to take up the entire couch. but don’t worry, the second he walks in the door she greets him with copious amounts of excitement and love that I have never experienced. and it’s reciprocated from Ben… “Lucy girl! how was your day?! oh, yes, I missed you so much!”


Ben: oh, hey

Lucy never gets jealous.

that’s a lie. she absolutely does, but she has an extremely short-term memory, and doesn’t hold a grudge. tell me what that’s like, Lu.

Lucy loves watching tv.

okay, you’re right, I love watching tv, too. but Lucy doesn’t ask Ben a zillion questions (I KNOW WHEN DID I START TALKING DURING TV/MOVIES?!). Lucy will also watch whatever he’s watching. she doesn’t throw a fit when he doesn’t want to watch the 43rd episode of Chopped for the week. as long as he rubs her tummy, she’ll watch Aliens, Captain America, whatever other marathons she needs to like it’s her job.

Lucy doesn’t get her period.

which means Lucy is fun to live with the entire month, instead of 75% of it. the lucky b.

Lucy doesn’t talk back.

even though she whines a lot, and needs him to pick up her poop, his questions to her are never responded with snark.

so, after all that, you might wonder what it feels like to be the other woman? I wouldn’t change it for the world. as much as I joke about Ben loving Lucy more than me, I love her just as much, even when she is taking up more than her fair share of the bed. I am the first one to give up one of my pillows so she has one to sleep on. and I am more than happy to push Ben over to the edge of the bed to make sure Lu is not squished. knowing Ben is going to be amazing father was never even a question, but just seeing him with Lucy makes my heart swell with joy.

to be continued…


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