on being engaged to Ben Gill

we have been engaged for over two months and here is how life has changed (read: stayed the same for Ben).

Ben still claims to get zero room in bed and no covers, so last night I made a conscious effort to make sure he had adequate room to sleep and enough covers to keep him from shivering. to repay me, he “accidentally” smacked me in the face while attempting to slide his arm under my pillow. minutes later, he had an “itch” on his face and the same arm attempted to put me in a choke-hold why he scratched the itch. so, sleeping is still blissful! 

now I get to save Ben’s name in my phone as “Feyonce” with a bunch of heart-eyed emojis. 

I’m more responsible with what I do while wearing my engagement ring (which is all the time) because I do not want to scratch it, make it dirty, ruin it, or lose it. no more dishes or cleaning toilets for me! just jokes. I never realized how careless I was with my hands before I wore an engagement ring. the first full day I had my ring, I scraped the bottom of it along the wall while I was reaching for a box of cereal. I don’t know how it happened, and you can barely see the scratch, but I know it is there. and this is why we can’t have nice things. 

when we first got engaged, I told Ben if we picked a date and a venue that we could wait a while before making more decisions. joke’s on him and my type-A personality. I almost can’t handle not making decisions anymore, so it’s time to get down to business!
we have a date. we have a venue. we almost have a menu. we took (adorable) engagement pictures. I can say they are adorable because I have seen them now, but if you had asked me before our photographer sent the prints, I would have told you that Ben and I are the most incompatible picture takers that have ever ended up together. if you think I’m being dramatic, I’m not. it was almost as if Ben and I were back on our first date and he was uncomfortable by the amount of eye contact I was making and I couldn’t stop nervously laughing. we are so fun.
now, we just need to solidify a DJ, apparel (nbd), flowers, music, decorations, and bathroom options for our outdoor ceremony and reception. and probably a thousand other things that I’m forgetting. sometimes I suggest to Ben that we should try to do some wedding planning this weekend and he’ll say, “like what?” then I respond that I don’t really know. and that usually ends the convo.
I have started writing my vows, but let’s be honest, I had started writing those before Ben proposed. I’m impatient that way. I haven’t been able to read through what I’ve written so far without sobbing…every. time., so there’s something to look forward to at the wedding!
after the first couple months of celebrations and excitement, I will speak for both of us and say we are still so excited to be on this journey together. except for maybe Ben, who tried to break up with me the other night after I told him our future children had to wear both Packers and Vikings apparel. he told me that would be like letting our children wear both Wild and Blackhawks apparel, so I conceded. still, I’m a bit concerned that was a deal-breaker at this point in our relationship…

sometimes I almost can’t sit still thinking about how excited I am for our future together, but then Ben brings me back to the present by reminding me every day that this is water and that enjoying the process is just as important as the wedding we are planning.

is it too much to say #blessed? because that’s how I feel.