you’ve given me these loving wings 

happy birthday to Ben!

Ben is the best for a lot of reasons, and not just because he slays spiders and takes out the trash. he is, unmistakably, the truest version of himself on almost any given day. and that is something I will always appreciate. three years ago when Ben and I went on our first date, my life changed forever. there is a different sense of adventure and purpose that fills his soul, and simply because of how he moves through life it makes me a better person.

the first year I knew him we both fumbled through our relationship, much like I seem to fumble through any sort of activity we participate in together. read: cross country skiing/our first bike ride in Dubuque/the one time I tried to make homemade tomato soup and the blender exploded. if it wasn’t for his encouragement and easy-going love, I probably would have tossed in the towel a long time ago.

what a typical day looks like when Ben feigns appropriate concern over all my many concerns…

me: did you lock the door? what if someone breaks in while we are sleeping? what if they hide in the shower? but seriously, what if they are in the shower? is this headache a tumor? should you eat that?

Ben (voice of reason): blank stare.

every day is an adventure with him.

there is something so unique and special about unshakable bonds forged together in adventure. when Ben proposed I knew that the rest of our life together would be an ongoing adventure, weaving us together water-tight. that is not to say our love exists solely in adventure. sometimes it’s easy to overlook the love that grows during the rest, recovery, and reflection after grandeur events.

but the easy Sunday mornings we spend sipping coffee, talking about whatever comes to mind, while taking turns to pick a new record to spin, are some of the calmest and loveliest moments of my life. they take me back to the beginning months of dating when we would sit in Ben’s St. Cloud apartment with the windows open, listening to the rain patter against the sidewalk right outside, speculating what life was all about.

and if I had to answer that question today, what life is all about? I’d say it’s about continuously fumbling through all of life’s adventures, no matter how mundane, with the person you can’t live without.



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