emojis are my love language

as a person whose love language might be emoji, I think you can really tell a lot about a person by looking at their emoji history.

here’s mine:


I might be a little overdramatic. see that one in the second row with the exasperated face? that’s actually the one I use for “MY LIFE IS ENDING.” it’s the way I feel when something happens and I go “is this real life or what’s the deal???” and that happens a lot. because I’m not just a little overdramatic, I am overdramatic to the absolute EXTREME. ask my loving fiance. or maybe don’t.

I am really emotional. (so emotional that I cried when I found out the Wild’s coach had been fired.) look at the wide range of emojis! most of mine are actually the little faces that attempt to demonstrate feelings. you’ve got your teenager (the “my life is ending” one), the tears of joy “so funny I’m crying” one, the hearts out my eyes which is basically the classic “perfect” emoji. pretty generic rosy cheek, the line face one which in my opinion is a great alternative if the eye roll is inappropriate, a wink, a sad face, a sleepy face, one of those cheesy grin faces and, most importantly, the wink blow hearts face.


this probably won’t surprise anyone, seeing that I am only funny about 6% of the time, and that huge percentage is also spent spitting obscure sarcasm, but I have the humor of a 2nd grader. see the dancing girl? I send that one to Ben’s friend Anderson randomly because I think it’s hilar. the little yellow chick is what I use as a DuHawk (Loras’ mascot), so you know Ben is thrilled. the money with the wings is what I use any time I’m discussing wedding plans.

I love things. I love all the things. I love to love all the things. whether it’s a hearts out my eyes love, a hearts out my mouth love, or just straight up floating hearts (you have to use multiple ones of the floating hearts to REALLY get your point across), I just love to love things. and I love hearts. and emojis. so I love to demonstrate my love for loving all the things with emojis with hearts. if only they made a glitter emoji… and if only I could have followed that statement with a hearts out my eyes emoji.

does anyone else have names for their emojis? mine have very scientific names, like “hearts out my eyes,” “sassy smirk face,” “eye roll eye roll eye roll,” and “tears of joy so funny I’m crying.”

no one else thinks about emojis like this?

onward and upward.

Valentine’s Day, while silly and trivial to some, will always be one of my fave days. an entire day for love…what’s not to love? we have big plans of getting a heart-shaped pizza from P.Murph’s, eating ice cream, and watching the Walking Dead. if we aren’t the most romantic people you’ve ever met…then I probably have an emoji for you and it might be the middle finger one. wink smiley.

happy Valentine’s Day!!! heart eye emojis galore.


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