the time we accidentally bought a house

post-wedding I started a running list of “things to do” once life slows down. but then Ben gently reminds that I’ve been waiting for this “slow time” for a while now and perhaps it’s never coming. turns out this is life and I should probably learn how to balance things sooner or later, because it’s only going to get busier.

before Ben and I ever talked about marriage, we talked about houses. probably because we watched a lot of HGTV. we talked about paint swatches, renovation ideas, old houses with character, yards for puppies to play, and dishwashers. having a dishwasher is the key to obtain ultimate happiness in a relationship—after living without one for a year +, I’m even more convinced.

owning a home has been on our to-do list forever, but it always floated around the bottom, somewhere between make an eye appointment and vacuum out the cars.

a couple weeks after the wedding, we decided to start going to open houses just for fun. I love driving by houses at night when the blinds or curtains are open and peeking inside, so actually walking through homes without feeling creepy was so exciting!

so on a warm day in October, after attending open houses for a month, we walked through the house. the house that checked all our must-haves for our first home. the house that I immediately started decorating after walking through it once. the house that consumed every conversation Ben and I had for weeks: what color would you paint this room? what would you use this space for? what would you do with the jungle in the front yard? how many puppies can fit in this backyard?

anyway, if we are being honest, we loved the house, but it wasn’t a good time to buy—middle of swim season, middle of our lease, middle of cold weather…yada yada yada. the cons of moving almost outweighed the pros. ALMOST. because after we walked through the house the second time with our realtor, we put in an offer. less than 48 hours later, after negotiating and making multiple trips to the pool over my lunch break to tell Ben what was going on, they accepted our offer. I really think all the hours I spend watching HGTV proved fruitful during this process, especially because Ben now wants to buy a zillion other houses and flip them with me. cart before the horse? always. first we have to attempt to take down wallpaper from the 1900s and decide how to disguise the naked baby cherubs on all our light fixtures before I want to work on houses for other people.

the home buying process is still intriguing to me—even more so after having gone through the process. but I’m happy to say we made it through signing our name 100 times with minimal blunders. I wasn’t sure it was a great omen when I messed up on the first document that was slid across the table to me, but all is well.

I hope in ten years we can look back at this time in our life, this moment in which we’ve become so accustomed to cramped spaces, sharing one bathroom, having TWO cabinets for all our kitchen items, falling asleep every night to our upstairs neighbors deciding to build furniture at 11 pm, and laugh about all the times I almost ended up on an episode of Dateline for Dextering someone.

all jokes and bad apartments aside, in just a few short days we’ll turn in the keys to our apartment and 422 Burch St will be in our past, a part of the good old days.

I’m more than looking forward to entering  the new year with a new last name and a new address.

it’s gonna be a champagne year!


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