all the right junk in all the right places

my name is Becca and you can only count on me being funny about 6% of the time. I like my coffee black (and by black I mean heavy on the cream), my bobby pins strewn throughout the house, and my television shows trashy. I remember everything, unless I don’t remember. but if I do, then I’m 100% right about what was said/happened and we will get into an argument if you disagree. (side-eye Ben). please don’t mess up a Dirty Dancing reference in front of me.

a little about my housemates and blog material…

Ben. husband. hates pickles. loves ice cubes, pizza, and playing guitar. sometimes drinks brandy before 6 pm. encourages hobbies (hence the blogging). swim coach. the kindest, sweetest, and most patient person I have ever met.

Lucy. basset hound. bed hog. lover of licking pillows, dumpster diving, and long walks around the neighborhood.
it doesn’t get any more random than this.


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